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Did you know that urinary tract issues are the #1 pet health insurance claim for cats*?


As an animal-assisted therapy specialist, it occurred to me how lucky I am to have this job, and to have animal therapy in my life. I feel like I’m nothing without my dog – and that I’m a better therapist because of her. READ MORE

Help prevent urinary tract disease with Royal Canin Urinary Care. Urinary Care helps maintain urinary tract health in healthy adult cats (1-7 years old), with scientifically proven results. READ MORE

11 years ago, while I was enjoying my morning coffee and reading the classifieds in the paper, I never imaged how muchthat exact moment would change my life forever for the better. READ MORE

In the last few years, the medical community has recognized the tremendous positive impact that companion pets have on our lives, especially during a time of illness and convalescence. Their influence in contributing to the improved outlook of sick and terminally ill patients is undeniable.

Pets have a positive physical, emotional, social and cognitive impact on people. They encourage increased exercise and provide sensory stimulation and comfort. They can help decrease blood pressure, improve depression feelings of alienation, and they offer a diversion from pain.