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After getting spayed or neutered, a cat’s energy requirements drop by up to 30%, while at the same time, a cat may consume up to 20% more food. SPAYED/NEUTERED loaf in sauce is for spayed or neutered cats prone to weight gain from 1 to 7 years of age.
  • Promotes healthy mineral balance
  • 10% less calories than ADULT INSTINCTIVE
  • Instinctively preferred by adult cats
  • Promotes Urinary Health
  • 100% Complete and Balanced Nutrition
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Available Packaging Sizes: 3 oz (85 g), 5.8 oz (165 g)
Product Information
Formulated with balanced vitamins and minerals to keep spayed and neutered cats healthy.

Spaying or neutering leads to a change in hormone levels which causes a cat’s metabolism and energy requirements to decrease, while at the same time causing an increase in appetite. Spayed /Neutered is formulated to meet the nutrient requirements of a healthy adult cat, through a moderate fat and caloric content formula. Supplemental L-carnitine (22 mg/kg) helps burn excess fat stores in the body.

SPAYED/NEUTERED features a proven Macro Nutrient Profile that is preferred by adult cats. This profile represents the ratio of energy derived from proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. A Macro Nutrient Profile also influences long term palatability and dietary satisfaction. A cat’s specific Macro Nutrient Profile varies not only according to its age, but also the cat’s physiological condition.

An adult cat is prone to developing lower urinary tract diseases, including crystals, and feline idiopathic cystitis. SPAYED/NEUTERED is formulated with an adapted mineral content to help promote lower urinary tract health. A high moisture content helps reduce urine concentration.
Feeding Guide
Weight of Cat Suggested Cans per Day
85 g (3 oz)
Suggested Cans per Day
165 g (5.8 oz)
Inactive Moderate Activity Active Inactive Moderate Activity Active
4.4 lb (2 kg) 1 1/2 cans 2 cans 2 cans 3/4 can 1 can 1 can
6.6 lb (3 kg) 2 cans 2 1/2 cans 3 cans 1 can 1 1/4 cans 1 1/2 cans
8.8 lb (4 kg) 2 1/2 cans 3 cans 3 1/2 cans 1 1/4 cans 1 1/2 cans 1 3/4 cans
11 lb (5 kg) 3 cans 3 1/2 cans 4 1/2 cans 1 1/2 cans 1 3/4 cans 2 1/4 cans
13.2 lb (6 kg) 3 1/2 cans 4 cans 5 cans 1 3/4 cans 2 cans 2 1/2 cans
15.4 lb (7 kg) 3 1/2 cans 4 1/2 cans 5 1/2 cans 1 3/4 cans 2 1/4 cans 2 3/4 cans
17.6 lb (8 kg) 4 cans 5 cans 6 cans 2 cans 2 1/2 cans 3 cans
19.8 lb (9 kg) 4 1/2 cans 5 1/2 cans 6 1/2 cans 2 1/4 cans 2 3/4 cans 3 1/4 cans
22 lb (10 kg) 4 1/2 cans 6 cans 7 cans 2 1/4 cans 3 cans 3 1/2 cans

Water sufficient for processing, pork by-products, chicken by-products,pork liver, chicken liver, brewers rice flour, gelatin, wheat gluten, powdered cellulose, pork plasma, chicken liver hydrolysate, carrageenan, calcium sulfate, fish oil, guar gum, carob bean gum, potassium chloride, salt, sodium tripolyphosphate, taurine, natural flavors, DL-methionine, cysteine, vitamins (DL-alpha tocopherol acetate (source of vitamin E), thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1), niacin supplement, biotin, D-calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), riboflavin supplement (vitamin B2), folic acid, vitamin B12 supplement, vitamin D3 supplement],glycine, trace minerals (zinc proteinate, zinc oxide, ferrous sulfate, copper sulfate, manganous oxide, sodium selenite, calcium iodate), L-carnitine.

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein (min.) 9.9%
Crude Fat (min.) 1.0%
Crude Fiber (max.) 2.0%
Moisture (max.) 82.0%
Calorie Content
SPAYED/NEUTERED loaf in sauce contains 726 kilocalories of metabolizable energy (ME) per kilogram (calculated). This 85 g can contains 62 kilocalories of ME and the 165 g can contains 120 kilocalories of ME.
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